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Me at Warpcon



Hello, you've arrived at the website of Iain Compton. This page isn't very interesting I'm afraid, most of the fun stuff happens on my blogs. Check out either Antipwn if you're interested in the video games industry and games design or Stormy Teacups if wargaming and miniature painting is more your thing.


If you want to see what's new then the latest posts from my two public blogs are syndicated down the left and right hand side of this page.  The pictures above are randomly chosen from my Flickr collection (reload the page for a new selection).If you want to ask a question, give feedback or just get in touch then you can leave a comment on either of my blogs or email me at iain at antipwn dot com


Thanks for dropping by.
Adventures in figuring out MMO design
  • Future of Eve Keynote
    The last day of Fanfest 2012 saw the last of the three keynotes for the event. This last one was a forward look at CCP over the course of the next year. Not surprisingly Dust 514 takes up a lot of that bandwidth and the keynote reflected that. Once again Hilmar, Jon Lander and Torfifrans […]
  • Eve Keynote
    The second of the three keynotes went ahead this afternoon and, today’s was solely dedicated to Eve. THat might sound surprising as you might expect an event titled Eve Fanfest to already be all about Eve but CCP felt that giving Dust a good shake of the stick at Fanfest as well as dedicating another […]
  • Dust 514 Keynote
    Today, Hilmar presented the Dust 514 Keynote. This was the big introduction of the work that’s happened on CCP’s console shooter to the most diehard fans of CCP’s PC MMO. Hilmar started by showing us the Future Vision trailer from last year and was careful to emphasise that, as far as CCP is concerned, the […]

Iain will be found at the following places in the nearish future:

9th Julyt
Community Manager Conference in Leipzig

25th June
Summer in Siberia in Villingen

9th October
Fanatiks Turnier in Konstanz

20th November
V-Con 10.2 in Villingen

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Stormy Teacups
Adventures in painting toy soldiers
  • How to Photograph Miniatures
    Yeah, I know it’s been ages since the last update. Bite me. Since I last updated, I’ve moved from Germany to Spain and am now in a much smaller apartment with less room for hobby stuff. I do have a painting table set up but I’ve had less motivation to paint without the incentives of […]
  • Grey Knight Dreadnought
    I’ve been working on a bunch of different things simultaneously recently which is a terrible way for me to work and practically guarantees that I won’t ever finish anything. This Dreadnought is a thing that I’ve had in various stages of finishedness now for several months and I finally decided to knuckle down and get […]
  • Grey Knight Librarian
    Oh my, it’s been a while since I last updated. I’ve actually managed to get a fair bit painted and photographed since my last update so I’ll try and add all that to the blog over the next few weeks. One of the things that I’ve finished is this Grey Knights Librarian which saw action […]